Portable infrared Ray Steam Seat Electric Massager Fumigation for Women Health Care

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Capacity:150 ml
Voltage:220V, 50Hz
Duration:45 minutes
Power Consumption:300W
Size:29 * 27.5 * 35.5 cm/11.4*10.8*14 in
Function:Memory cotton cushion;Comfortable fumigation height;High temperature resistant material;Small waist shape;LED temperature button
1. Convenient to be able to adjust the steam with the level of control.
2. Always feel comfortable like steaming for a long time due to the ergonomically designed steam seat.
3. The improved version of the fumigation instrument has a new appearance, fashion design.
4. Automatic Anti-dry stop.
5. Large capacity 150ml, LED display button.
6. 5 speed positions can be adjusted, heating quickly, easy to operate,
Operation instructions
1. Fill clean water in a measuring cup to the line of stainless steel container.
2. Place the medication kit you need in the case, then mount it on top of the stainless steel container.
3. The fifth speed is the rapid heating speed and the start up is by default at the 5th speed.
4. Heat it quickly for about 2 minutes after, please switch between 1 and 4 steps.
Switching from 5.1 to 5 cycles, the higher the gear, the higher the temperature.
Package Included
1 x Fumigation Instrument

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