KM-1974A USB Electric Hair Trimmer 1200mAh Hair Clipper

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Charging method:18500 rechargeable battery
Charging time:3 hours
Use time:120 minutes
Battery capacity:1200mAh
Charging method:USB
Accessories:cutter head spring, USB battery charger, cleaning brush, battery
The short-pitch cutter meets a variety of fine styling needs such as oil head, trimming, and engraving. The cutting is smooth and the power is strong without pulling or blocking, creating a classic retro oil head shape.
Oil head carving, retro fashion, to respond to different modeling needs, professionally create retro oil head.
18500 rechargeable battery, environmentally friendly battery cycle charging, fast and durable charging, up to 800+ cycles. No need to wait for battery power supply, just replace the battery.
Rounded head, close-up of the head, rounded and smooth, without hurting the skin.
Exquisite patterns, brushed metal shell, strong texture and comfortable feel.
Package included
1 x Hair Trimmer
1 x Cutter Head Spring
1 x USB battery charger
1 x Battery

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