Hair Straughtener Fast Warm-up Flat Iron Negative Ion Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straighten Curling iron Corrugation

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First, the hair straightener
1. Work with the hair straightener before drying the hair to 8-9% dry. Combing the hair first, then clip the hair with straight hair and slowly move down.
2. After going straight down, wait 2-4 seconds.
3, so repeated operations, know to get the ideal hair style.
Second, the curling iron
1. Combing your hair and give your hair a hand.
2, open the curling iron, clip the middle of the hair along the hair to pull down the tip.
3, home to the hairline online roll, the volume does not understand, let the hair heat for a few seconds, then release.
Temperature regulation:4 Grade
Cable Length:1.3-1.6m
Package Includs
1 x Hair Straightener

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