Portable Nebulizer Ultrasonic Mist Maker Micro-mesh Atomization Handheld Child Adult

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1. Multi-purpose, can be used as nebulizer physiotherapy and health care, can also be used as a moisturizer, beauty and beauty
2. Compact and portable, travel and carry
3. Mist amount adjustment, select the amount of mist
4. Safe and reliable, available for children, suitable for any family
5. Easy assembly, one-button removal, and easy cleaning.
6. Adopting internationally leading microporous ultrasonic atomization technology to directly turn water-soluble liquid into tiny mist-like particles to achieve corresponding functions.
Product Specifications
Power mode:USB
Application area:face
Color:white blue
Noise:below 36dB
Applicable object:Household
Atomization frequency:102KHz
Rated power:2W
Atomization volume:0.5ml / min
Built-in lithium battery:3.7V / 500mAh
Use time:1 hour
Atomized particles:3 ~ 5um
1 x Atomizer Kit
Use correctly
1. Because the ultrasonic atomized particles are much smaller than the air pressure type, in fact, they can actually reach the affected part of the respiratory system, or even the bronchus of the lung. This is a scientific fact that need not be debated
2. If the medicinal solution contains syrup or colloidal solution, it is not suitable to use ultrasonic atomization, but if conditions permit, you can buy clean filter paper for chemical experiments to remove impurities, so the effect will be good.
3. If the medicinal solution is dissolved by tablets, the impurities must be dissolved first, and if there are oily impurities on some surfaces, absorb them with a clean paper towel. Only then can fog come out, otherwise the fog is very small or even no fog.

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