PDT Spectrometer 7-Color Foldable LED Photodynamic Beauty instrument Beauty Salon Acne Beauty instrument

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Seven Major Nanotechnology Light Waves
Red light (wavelength 640nm penetrates skin 1-6mm)
Improve rough pores, treat microvascular dilation, relieve acne scars, allergic dermatitis, increase skin elasticity, and eliminate red blood streaks.
Blue light (wavelength 440nm penetrates the skin 1mm)
Eliminate acne, reduce sebum activity, eliminate acne bacteria, improve oily skin, and refine pores.
Green light (wavelength 530nm penetrates the skin 0.5-2mm)
The skin calms, relieves postoperative pain and relieves allergic skin.
Yellow light (wavelength 583nm penetrates the skin 1-2mm)
Freckle, improve skin flushing, erythema, pigment replacement, and relieve redness.
Cyan light (wavelength 532nm +440nm)
Penetrate the deep layers of the skin, speed up the metabolism of active tissues, decompose stains, improve fine lines and sagging skin.
Orange light (wavelength 640nm + 583nm)
It can increase cell energy step by step, and has a good effect on metabolism.
Purple light (wavelength 640nm + 440nm)
Promote cell regeneration and the secretion of collagen, purify the skin layer by layer, play a role in deep repair and replenish skin energy.
Photon rejuvenation, rejuvenating and reshaping the beauty.
One machine with multiple effects, helping you reverse muscle age.
Control bacteria, rejuvenate skin, clean acne, wrinkle, rejuvenate skin.
Applicable scenarios:Dermatology, beauty salon, home.
Light dynamic beauty, deep radiance.
287 beams of energy light penetrates the bottom of the muscles, and high-precision photodynamic beauty lamp beads cover all corners of the face densely, so that every inch of skin can be irradiated with light waves, realizing true three-dimensional care, leaving skin tender and shiny.
Intelligent control interface, simple operation.
Detachable type, more convenient transportation.
Product Function:skin beauty
Energy Consumption:32W
Product Size:480*232*305mm
Product Weight:2.3kg
Product Model:7 colors/4 colors
Output Current:DC12V 3A
Package Included
1x Instrument
1x Goggles
1x Power Cord

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Weight2.3 kg


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