Self-heating Magnetic therapy Shoulder Neck Belt Tourmaline Massage Pain Relieve

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Self-heating Magnetic Therapy Shoulder Neck Protection Spontaneous Massage Tourmaline Heated Belt Pain Relieve
Magnetic therapy is the use of an artificial magnetic field in the body’s acupoint, meridians & collaterals. No side effects. Safe and reliable.
The tourmaline protector series of it can soothe meridians & collaterals and massage acupoint with the heat spell of nanomaterial contacting with the skin and the embedded magnet. It can not cure our disease, but Magnetic therapy can increase blood flow and magnetic heating effect helping to relax muscles and reduces fatigue.
Types:Self-heating Magnet Therapy Belt
Material:Diving cloth+Magnet
Package Included
1x Shoulder Belt
1x Neck Belt
Self-heating pad designed for the shoulder and neck.
Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, enhance immunity.
Applicable to bone hyperplasia, shoulder pain, joint pain and other symptoms of hyperthermia -therapy.
Easy to use, discreet and can be used anywhere any time.
Safe & comfortable to wear.
1-2 hours per day is recommended.
Suitable for
1. As a gift to our father/mother/grandfather/grandmother/maternal grandfather/maternal grandmother, take good care of the health.
2.People who always work sedentarily or in a prolonged standing position such as drivers or office workers.
3. Athletes or people doing regular exercise.
4. People who have a health problem.
1. Wipe the tourmaline function fabric with wet cloth to get a better effect.
2. Put the tourmaline function fabric close to the body, fixed on the location that needs physical therapy.
3. Appropriately adjust elasticity
(Please according to your skin feel decided to wear the length of time.)
Maintenance instruction
1. Keep in a dry ventilated place.
2. Keep away from direct sunshine.
3. Keep clean.
4. Avoid ironing.
5. Do not immerse for a long time.
6. Clean the surface with a wet cloth and gently rub.
7. Keep away from ore iodide products & magnetic fields to prevent the magnetization.

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