10 in 1 Electric Blackhead Suction Remover Facial Skin Pore Cleaner Vacuum Acne Cleanser

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Professionally designed to remove excess blackheads, dead cells, dirt, grease and impurities that sink into the pores.
Different from the traditional powerful suction method, the accurate calculation of the design cylinder can generate the correct airflow, so that the dark spots can be separated from the skin without damaging the skin, purifying the face, and refreshing long.
With technology, powerfully cleans blackheads and you can use it on forehead, chin, nose or blackheads.
1. 5-Strong point, with 8 interchangeable nibs, greater power and greater angle, no blind alley can clean your face.
2. Red, blue and green light therapy can meet different needs.
3. After using the ice detection technology, it can soothe the skin and tighten the pores.
Powerful vacuum suction motor
It can produce a maximum suction power of -65kpa, USB charging, convenient wireless operation.
Equipped with 10 tips-safe and effective
This vacuum blackhead acne remover is made of hypoallergenic ABS, which cleans the face and nose safely. Different tips can solve skin problems in different parts. Each tip has different suction power. Please gradually reduce the tip from small to small. Large replacement adapts to suction.
Multifunctional facial pore cleanser
One-button design can easily adjust the suction level of 5 different skin areas, more effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pores, and improve acne skin, oily skin, enlarged pores, rough nose and skin.
Upgraded hot and cold skin care mode
Click the M button to change the hot and cold mode, turn on the hot mode to open the pores for deep cleaning, and then massage and tighten the skin by turning on the cold mode, which can also reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin.
3-color beauty lamp
Red light (620nm) can gently care for the skin, green light (530nm) can make the skin white and tender, and blue light (415nm) can help reduce pores and remove acne, which can make your face clean and smooth.
Long charging time
With built-in USB charging, you can easily charge your makeup remover with a USB cable. Equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable polymer lithium battery, it can be used for 1 month on a single charge (10 minutes at a time).
Portable travel design
The lightweight and portable design makes carrying more convenient, and you can enjoy professional SPA skin care at home or on the go. An ideal gift for family and friends.
Input voltage:5V
Working voltage:3.7V
Battery capacity:500 mAH
Product material:ABS + PC
Charging time:2 hours
Voltage / current:5V-1A
Size:190 * 45 * 45mm
Function:suck blackheads, remove acne, ice, hot pack
Working mode:ultrasonic vibration
how to use
Step 1:Clean the face and open the pores. Or use the heating function at the bottom to open the pores.
Step 2:Move the cleansing agent back and forth to the black spots around the pores (note:do not stay in place for more than 3 seconds).
Step 3:After washing your face, use ice towel or cold water or liquid shrink agent to restore the treated pores.
Step 4:After using the machine, wash your face. Reduce pores with cooling function at the bottom
Step 5:Then apply the mask to narrow the pores.
1. You can open your pores with warm water steam or wash your face before using the black makeup remover.
2. Do not suck at the same position for more than 3 seconds.
The package includes
1 X Blackhead
1 * USB data cable
1 X User Manual
10X tip

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