Professional Permanent Laser Epilator Home Depilatory Laser Body Hair Removal Machine Photoepilator Painless Depilador

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Professional Permanent Laser Epilator US Plug Home Depilatory Laser Body Hair Removal Machine Photoepilator Painless Depilador
Item Name. IPL Hair Removal
Color:Green, White
Lamp Lifespan:999,999 Pulses
Light source. Quartz Bulb
Materials:High Quality Quartz Tube +ABS Shell
Wavelength:570–1 100nm
Levels of Light:5 Light Energy Levels
Plug:CN Plug(With Power Adapter)
Net Weight:226g
Display:LED Display
LCD Display Screen
5 Energy Levels
8 Weeks Result
999,999 flashes painless & fast & effective hair remover
Package included
1*Charger(With Adapter)
1*Instruction Manual
1*Retail Box
Steps before use:shaving with a shaving knife
① Wet the hair with soap or shower gel bubbles to remove the hair on the surface of the skin. Do not shave dry.
Use steps:hair removal device
①After the product is plugged in, OF is displayed to indicate that the power supply is connected successfully
First, long press the circle key to turn on the machine, click the circle key to adjust the gears 1-5], adjust the appropriate gear. [Emphasis that you must wear goggles before use. 2 The epilator has manual mode’ and [Automatic mode], then select the mode you want
[Manual mode]:Place the light outlet of the device close to the hair removal site, and lightly press the long key to emit light
[Auto mode]:Long press the light button, the screen can display the prismatic mark, and the light can be automatically emitted
③Finally, the light emitting port is close to the skin, moving slowly, repeat three times, please do not emit light continuously on the same part. Reminder:After using the instrument for 2 hours, you can safely apply lotion, cream, deodorant, and moisturizer to the treatment area. For products or cosmetics, if the skin has irritation or redness after the treatment, please wait for these conditions to disappear before applying any product on the skin. If the skin feels irritation after applying the product, please wash it off with water.
(Remember! Do not use perfume masks or skin care products that irritate the skin with alcohol)

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