Professional Black Magnetic Lash Pad Eyelashes Extension Tools Headband Holder Set

SKU: VWOZ-1572450


Professional Black Magnetic Lash Pad Eyelash Extension Tools Headband Holder
* Professional Eyelash Grafting Magnetic Headband with 4 Lash Holder Pads.
* Headband is used to wrap the hair from the forehead.
* Magnetic lash pad adsorbed on the headband.
* Lash pads can move around, more convenient to graft eyelashes.
* Apply lashes faster & evening arrange lashes with lines.
* Easy to pick up lashes.
* Stainless steel box for store the headband and lash pads is included.
Package Included
4*Magnetic lash Pad
1*Stainless Steel Box

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