Body Stretching Device Cervical Spine Lumbar Traction Bed therapy Massage Tools

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Product Description
This product uses the rack and pinion structure, the use of human muscle elasticity generated by the force, to achieve the role of traction therapy to facilitate patients in the family, office, and other occasions, self-traction therapy, the working principle for the effective reduction of spinal joints Of the pressure, so that the full compression part of the amendment is conducive to the protrusion of the return, often used to make lumbar fatigue and minor injuries lumbar vertebra disease can be timely rehabilitation, prevention and reduce the incidence of lumbar disease.
1. To restore the lumbar/cervical normal physiological curvature.
2. Increase the intervertebral space,so that prominent shrinkage atrophy.
3. Treatment of spinal canal stenosis.
4 .Lifting of neurovascular oppression.
5. Natural rehabilitation.
Product name:Lumbar tractor
Traction travel:210mm
Traction:Neck / 200N; Waist:/ 800N
Traction time:every 20-30 minutes. Daily no more than 2 times, according to the condition of 10-20 days for a course of treatment.
Package Included
1 x Lumbar tractor
1 x Inflatable pillow

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