2 Cups Magnetic Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted Bathroom Organizer Storage Rack

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Please note:The product does not include the facial cleanser, cups, etc!
Name:Magnetic toothbrush cup holder rack
Type:2 cups style
1. Adopt ABS material, magnetic adsorption design, free to take, convenient.
2. The cup is inverted and drained, easy to control and clean.
3. Free punching and easy to install design, one stick and one hanging, simple.
3. Household toothbrush cup with suction.
4. Concealed hanging toothbrush hanger to ensure that the toothbrush is ventilated and does not fall into dust.
5. Viscous and strong, bearing capacity up to 6KG.
6. Waterproof and moisture proof.
7. Punch free,easy to install.
Installation method
1. Load a strong sticker into the main body.
2. Remove the strong protective film.
3. Align the position with the wall.
4. Remove the theme reinforcement patch.
5. Press firmly on the reinforcement patch
6. Install the main body
7. Put things in two hours.
8. The installation is complete
Package included
1x Magnetic toothbrush cup holder rack

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