6 Modes Professional EMS Muscle Training Gear Remote Control Abdominal Muscle Trainer

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Model B /

Package Includes
1 x Stimulator
1 x Abdominal Patch
1 x English Manual
Stimulator Abdomen Muscle EMS Training Electrical Body Shape Home Trainer
Voltage:3V(2 x AAA Batteries, not included)
Working Current:9.8mA(MAX)
Training Time:12 Minute(Per training time)
Abdomen Patch:20x20cm
Main Machine:7.5×6.8×1.8cm
Use Method
1.Install the stimulator.
2.Tear off the patch from the film.
3.Paste to the place where you need to exercise.
(Note:After using,need to paste the patch to the film)
How to clean the gel patch
1. Dip the water with your fingers and wipe the surface of the gel.
2. Put it in a well ventilated place to dry.
Do not carry out maintenance for a long time or frequent, otherwise it will lead to shortened service life.
* Made of high quality Polyurethane(PU) material,close to your skin,good touching feeling and non-toxic.
* 20×20 Training area,8 packs of abdominal model design,better than other smaller and 6 packs patch trainer.
* A physical workout device for enhancing your muscles,make you can good body shape without even lifting a finger.
* Using advanced technology, scientifically exercising your muscles will not harm your body.
* According to suitable power and speed on body by low frequency,which make a rhythm and sort impetus on body.
* Choice 6 different training modes,and it will get off power automatically after 12 minutes from stop when you forget power off.
* Adhesive gel pad,if you feel uncomfortable when training,you can use wet towel to clean dirty side for regainingpasting again at moment.
It’s normal to feel a little flax during exercise. Don’t worry.

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