Diving Mirror Snorkeling Mask Rainbow Silicone Breathing Tube Diving Mask

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Color & Size Black A4 / Color & Size Black A5 / Color & Size Black B4 / Color & Size Black B5 / Color & Size Purple S / Color & Size Purple L / Color & Size Blue S / Color & Size Blue L /

Package Included
1x Mask
1x Storing Bag
1x User Manual
1. Longer breathing tube Experience deeper and more enjoyable swimming
2. One earplug, not worrying about getting in the water, getting rid of all the restraints
3. Waterproof design at the interface between the breathing tube and the mask. It is our responsibility to give you the safest protection.
4. Mask mouth design is more conducive to breathing, more beautiful, more cool
5. Anti-fog mirror + myopia glasses ,Double combination, No longer need to be myopia for myopia. Of course, no myopia will make you see more clearly. It will not stimulate the visual effect.
New diving mask
full dry snorkeling mask
Poly-carbonate shatterproof mask
Lining material:imported medical liquid silicone.
The principle of exhaust fan is designed to effectively prevent fog, no need for breathing tube, DRY DOP system, the top valve automatically closes after entering the water to prevent water from flowing in, elastic headband, easy to wear without wearing hair, super wide shatterproof mask.
Color:blue, purple, black&clarity(B), black&colorful(A)
Product weight:578g
S /A4 /B4 size:front diameter 22.5×18.5CM; back diameter 11×4.3CM,
L /A5 /B5 size:front diameter 23x19CM; back diameter 11.5×4.52CM,

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