Mini Negative Ion Generator Air Freshener Ionic Air Purifier Remover Smoke Smell Bad Odors Dust Pollen formaldehyde for Home

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Package Included
1x Air Purifier
Product Name:Air Purifier
Rated power:220V/50Hz
Noise value:28dB-50dB
Rated voltage:5w
Power mode:alternating current
Volume:80 CFM
Applicable area 11-20㎡
Purification speed:30m /h
Product size:14.8*14.8*11cm
Super Quiet Design- low noise.
The running sound of our air purifier is under 50dB never disturb you during resting.
It can purify many kinds of contaminant .
It can effectively absorb formaldehyde, prevent particulate matter and filter PM2.5.Effectively remove various odors such as smoke, paint, leather, musty.Eliminate harmful bacteria, fungi, molds, etc. in the air.
Triple filtration program, effective purification of formaldehyde/benzene, dust, PM2.5.
Bidirectional air outlet design, base into the wind bidirectional wind, high-speed circulation.
It can place in the office, study, life and work.
Multi-mode selection. Free control timing, wind speed, can be adjusted according to the occasion and the actual situation.
Just plug in the socket, this desktop air purifier can create a anion of fresh air around you at home, work, or while you sleep.
Acrylic touch panel, the operation is more efficient and concise, at a glance, high-grade, more technical sense.

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