Sonic Pic Dental Cleaning System Sonic Pic Gentle Dental Teeth Whiten Ultrasonic Dental Tools Pick W

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Package Included
1 x Ultrasonic Dental Tooth Pick
Whitens teeth.
Ultra-bright LED Light.
Promotes healthier gums.
Cleans the front, back, and in between teeth.
Recommended by Dental Professionals.
Power supply by AAA Battery (not included)
Gently removes stains, plaque, and tartar on contact.
To Use
Choose the attachment you’d like to use; either the stainless steel scaler tip, or the silicone flossing tip.
To change attachments simply pull up on the head, remove, and insert the new attachment.
Turn Sonic Pic on by pressing the button on the side, and then clean and whiten your teeth by simply and pressing!

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