MZ Electric Heating Vibration Knee Pad Brace Massage therapy Legs Massager

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MZ Electric Heating Vibration Knee Pad Brace Massage Therapy Legs Massager Gift
Type:Knee Laser Massager
Material:PU Leather+Soft Velvet
Input Voltage:100-240V
Output Voltage:12V
Plug:US Plug,EU Plug
Package Size:approx.30*24.2*6cm
Weight:about 784g
Measurement Details in the attached picture.
Instructions for use
Vibration Control Keys/Heating control keys
The Vibration/Heating button (ON/OFF):long press (ON/OFF) and 3 seconds to switch machine.Pressing each button , the machine has three levels.
After use, or have to unplug the power plug before cleaning.
Please drink 500CC plain boiled water or hot tea after use.
During use, excessive stimulation should be stopped immediately if it causes discomfort.
When a child or body is not free to use this product, he/she must have a suitable mentor at the side.
Do not use during sleep to prevent prolonged stimulation of one part of the body to affect your health.
Acute illness, heart disease and other abnormal conditions must be used under the guidance of a doctor.
The machine should not be used in wet environment and bathroom. Please keep it in dry and unforced light.
The machine in use, such as surface heating, is not sensitive to heat the people must pay attention to when using.
Do not use massager in half an hour after the meal, otherwise because body constitution is different and have undesirable effect.
Once the power line of this machine is damaged, it is necessary to consult the manufacturer to replace it with the special power cord, or contact the manufacturer, and not to replace the unqualified power cord.
Warm prompt
Place the massager on the part of the body that needs to be used, and adjust the tightness according to the needs of the individual.
This product can be used independently, and can be used in combination with traditional Chinese herb preparations,the effect is more pronounced.
Package Included
1X Adapter Plug
2X Chinese Herb
2X Massager

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