MINI 3 Gears Electric Knee Massager Airbag Pressing Heating Leg Pain Relief Rehabilitation Physiotherapy From Xiaomi You Pin

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Main Features
Surround airbag pressing friction
3 Gear temperature hot compress adjustable
Red light irradiation therapy. Built in 19 infrared lights, deep into the bottom of muscle.
Smart large touch screen easy to use
The design of imitating knee joint bending arc, the massage is more comprehensive
15 minutes automatic timing massage. ≤60dB low noise operation
Built-in recyclable lithium battery, Type-C charging, can be used about 6 times when fully charged.
General:Brand:MINI (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)
Name:MINI Knee Massager
Working temperature:0°C-40°C, humidity ≤80%
Power supply mode:lithium battery
Massage cycle:15min
Wide range of use:knees, shoulders, calves, elbows, etc.
Heating temperature:Low gear:45 ± 3C
Mid gear:50 soil 3C
High gear:55±3°C
Executive standard:GB4706.1-2005 , GB4706.10-2008
Kindly Remind:1. Never go to sleep while using this product, beware of burns.
2. The following people please consult a doctor before using
(1) Patients with acute edema or bleeding in the knee.
(2) Patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
(3) Suspected patients with edema caused by acute trauma, bacterial infection, and other special inflammation.
3. Pregnan women, infants and children, and patients with skin perception disorders or skin abnormalities are prohibited from using it.
4. This product is designed as a household electronic health care product and is not suitable for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Package Contents:1 x MINI Knee Massager, 1 x Type-C Charging Cable, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Manual

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