Leravan LF-RSW-328-MWH Electric Cupping Scraping Device Smart Mini infrared Physiotherapy Magnetic Resonance Machine from XIAOMI Youpin

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Leravan Electric Cupping Massage Scraping Smart Mini Cupping Scraping Infrared Physiotherapy Magnetic Resonance Massager From Xiaomi Youpin
Before order Please Note
It is Youpin Ecological Chain Products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it]
Thanks for your understanding!
Brand:Leravan (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)
Product name:Leravan Electric Cupping Massage Scraping Device
Rated Power:4V950MA
Battery Capacity:2200MA
Working Current:1.5A
Heating Temperature:38 + 3℃ / 41 + 3℃ / 44 + 3 ℃
Use Noise
Packing List
1 * Physiotherapy Instrument
1 * Type-c Charging Line
5 * Filter
5 * Filter Cotton
Common problem
The product does not work
This product needs to be plugged in for use. Before use, check whether the power plug is plugged in or off, and confirm whether the power switch is turned on. If there are still abnormalities in the above process, you can contact online customer service to deal with it.
Suddenly stopped working during use
The default working time of this product is 10 minutes. If it exceeds 10 minutes, the product will automatically stop working. If necessary, it can be restarted to use. Automatic shutdown during the default working time may cause continuous use for too long, which causes the product to automatically turn on overheat protection. It is recommended to restart the product after the product has cooled down.
How about scraping force
This product has a total of 5 negative pressure gears to choose from, you can choose 1-5 negative pressure according to personal needs. And long press the negative pressure key to turn off the negative pressure function. What is the temperature of the hot compress This product has a built-in imported temperature control chip, real-time monitoring to ensure that the temperature remains constant at three levels of thermal energy, the micro-heat temperature is maintained at 38 ° ± 3 °, the intermediate heat temperature is maintained at 41 ° ± 3 °, and the high temperature is maintained at 44 ° ± At 3 °, the heat penetrates into the texture to relieve body pain. If you need to turn off the heating function, you can also press and hold the heating button to turn off.

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