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20Pcs Natural Energy Hot Stone Set Massage Stone Heater Box Kit Spa Rock Basalt

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Hot stone therapy specific steps
1. Preparation materials
* Open the hot stone box. Plug in the power supply for about 25 minutes (the temperature can be determined according to the customer’s skin capacity, generally not more than 70 ° C). After the stone is warm, remove it and put it on a clean towel.
2. Shower
* Before taking hot stone therapy, go to the shower, the pores of the smooth skin can better absorb the essential oil components; you can also sit in the infrared light bath room for ten minutes, the infrared function of the capsule can help open the pores, excrete metabolism Waste.
3. Essential oil massage
* Quietly lying in a separate treatment room, the light is adjusted to the softest state, surrounded by green plants, echoing soft music in the ear, giving a relaxed feeling of returning to nature. The masseur applies the formulated essential oil to the whole body, and massages along the sides of the spine from the bottom to the top with lymphatic detoxification.
4. Hot stone massage
* When the masseur is holding the hot stone and sliding through the skin with deep muscle massage, it feels warm and numb, and the muscles and muscles that are originally sore and sore are relaxed. This step helps release stress, restore vitality, accelerate deep lipolysis, and increase metabolic rate.
5. Strengthen acupoint stimulation
* The masseur places the hot stones at a suitable temperature on the acupuncture points on both sides of the back spine, so that the essential oil components absorbed by the hot stones penetrate into the skin with heat. Hot stone will give a certain pressure on the back acupoints and repair the fatigue parts of the spine for about 20 minutes. This step uses the energy conduction of hot stones to wake up the deepest touch of the skin, activate the lazy cells, strengthen the blood circulation in the body, stimulate and guide the human body. The most adequate supply of energy and nutrients leaves the skin radiant and makes the body healthier.
6. Moisturizing
* After the hot stone massage, you can apply some lotion with skin care, slimming and shaping effect on the skin to further moisturize the skin, tighten the pores and firm the skin, making the skin more smooth, soft and elastic.
7. Purification
* Purifying Indians believe that this spiritual stone will absorb the negative energy in the human body, so after the end of the treatment, the stones need to be spread out to purify each other.
* After making a complete hot stone therapy session, customers must remember to drink 1.5 times more water than usual to help remove metabolites released by metabolism.
How to use hot stone
Common symptoms:Headache, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, memory loss, etc.
How to use:Apply a proper amount of inchAromatherapy Essential Oilinch to the forehead, temples, and posterior hairline. Use a warm volcanic hot stone to soothe the forehead and neck for 15 to 20 minutes, and use 2 hot stones at the same time. Press the temple for 2 to 3 minutes.
Shoulder neck
Common symptoms:Shoulder and neck pain, excessive fatigue, stiff neck, strong, chronic strain, sports injuries.
How to use:Apply a proper amount of inchAromatherapy Essential Oilinch to the neck and shoulders. Use a warm volcanic hot stone to massage around the neck and shoulders. Then use the hot stone side to gently push and pull.
Common symptoms:Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, palace cold, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, chronic gastritis.
How to use:Apply a proper amount of inchAromatherapy Essential Oilinch to the abdomen, avoid the navel and use the palm of your hand to smooth the circle clockwise, then use a warm volcanic hot stone to soothe the abdomen in the abdomen, and place the hot stone in the umbilicus for 10 to 15 minutes. Hot compress.
Common symptoms:Low back pain, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, excessive fatigue, chronic strain and so on.
How to use:Take appropriate amount of inchAromatherapy Essential Oilinch at the waist, use warm volcanic hot stone to push and pull the sides of the spine up and down, the bladder for 5-8 minutes, then use hot stones to soothe the circle and put it on the kidney for 10 minutes.
Common symptoms:Knee pain, stiffness, leg swelling and so on.
How to use:Take appropriate amount of inchAromatherapy Essential Oilinch on the legs, use both hands to combine the thumb and the four fingers to take the leg muscles, and use a warm volcanic hot stone to soothe the circle. Use the hot stone side to gently scrape the leg muscles from top to bottom.
How to care for hot stones
1. Unplug the hot stone heating box
2. Put a towel in the heating box, then wipe the cleaned hot stone and put it on the towel; then apply a small amount of massage oil on the hot stone for the next use.
Stone Color:Black
Box Material:Bamboo
Stone Type:Size:Quantity:Use
1:8*8cm:4Pcs:for back, waist and thighs
2:8*6cm:4Pcs:for palm, arm, thigh and calf
3:6*5cm:4Pcs:for palm, arm, thigh and calf
4:4*3cm:8Pcs:for the face, eyes, palm and hand joints, foot meridian, ankle joints and other parts
Package Included
1 x Heating Box
20 x Massage Stone

Weight3.44 kg


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