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UV Toothbrush Disinfection Holder USB Charging Wall-Mounted Automatic Toothbrush Sterilizer Sanitizer

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Product name:Smart toothbrush sterilizer
UV wavelength:253.7nm
Product size:15.7×7.7×3.8cm / 6.13×3.01×1.49inch
Color box size:18.5x10x4.35cm / 7.22×3.9×1.70inch
Power consumption:DC–5.0V / 500mA (large)
(Applicable to the output of various phone charging adapters and charging adapters with USB output interface:DC5.0V == 1000mA)
Automatic sterilization time:6 minutes +-10 seconds
Product capacity:can disinfect 4 toothbrushes and a beard blade at the same time
Measurement Details in the attached picture.
Up to 99.9%. This toothbrush holder can kill 99.998% bacteria and germs on your toothbrush. It has been tested and certified on claims. You can use a fresh, clean toothbrush every time, instead of a wet, icky feeling one.
Easy Installation. You can stick your toothbrush holder to bathroom clean glass/ceramic tile with tape, or secure to the wall by screws(included).
High-efficiency lens to increase UV intension.
Using USB charging cable to connect to the power supply.
Auto start when the cover is closed and it will shut off when it is done.
Suitable for family use. Can used for 4 toothbrushes and 1 shaver.(Not included)
Package included
1x Smart toothbrush sterilizer
1x USB Cable
1x English manual
Installation Notes
1. This product needs to be fixed on a clean, dry, ventilated, smooth tile wall, with electricity nearby. The power socket and the sterilizer should not be more than 75CM away from the power socket, and the toothbrush should be easily accessible in a fixed position.
2. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the tile surface of the toothbrush sterilizer to be cleaned.
3. Tear the hook of the toothbrush sterilizer. Protect the paper with white adhesive tape on it and wipe the rear hook on the corresponding wipe the clean tile surface is straight and fixed to the tile on the wall.
4. If the wall is not smooth enough, you need to drill the wall in advance according to the size of the two holes on the rear hook. Two φ6mm holes are inserted into a plastic expansion tube and fixed with screws.
5. Put the toothbrush sterilizer to the rear hook. Above.
6. Plug in the USB power cable, plug the small end into the USB socket on the right side of the toothbrush sterilizer, the big head is connected to the USB port (DC5.0V-= 1000mA) of the phone charging adapter of any brand or charging treasure USB output interface.
1. This product needs to be installed on the clean,dry, ventilated and smooth tile wall. There should be a power outlet nearby. The disinfector should not exceed 75cm away from the power outlet.
2. Clean the wall with dry cloth before installing the disinfector
3. Remove the protective paper of the hook on the back side of the disinfector.Paste the disinfector on the clean tile wall with the hook. Paste the product firmly.
1. Open the door.Put toothbrush or razor on the toothbrush rack.After closing the door, touch the START button on the upper right corner of the toothbrush disinfector.The ultraviolet light will turn on. And sterilize for 5 mins.After that, it will turn off automatically.
2.During the 5 mins sterilization, the ultraviolet light will turn off if the cover is open. Please touch the START button again to restart the disinfector after close the cover. Touching START button is invalid after the 5 mins sterilization.

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