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Mini Household Water Replenishment Meter Facial Sprayer Portable Handheld Nano Water Oxygen Meter

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Nano-oxygen injection, deep penetration, nano-hydration, high-pressure atomization, oxygen injection, skin rejuvenation, delicate skin.
Nano atomization technology, water reaches the bottom of the skin in a few seconds, quickly quenches the skin’s thirst, improves dry skin, suitable for a variety of skin types.
The water mist is fine and uniform, absorbs fast and more, and the essence is completely absorbed. The oxygen injection device allows skin care products to be absorbed more effectively.
Deep penetration, delicate skin, nano-level atomization, micro-particle water molecules penetrate the bottom of the muscle, improve the absorption rate, and the effect of hydrating is visible.
Lightweight and exquisite, carry it with you, carry it in the bag, and wake up the moisturizing energy of the muscle bottom anytime and anywhere.
Product Name:Water Replenishment and Oxygen Injection Apparatus
Battery Capacity:900mA
Rated Power:6W
Input Voltage:5V/1A
Water Tank Volume:5-7ml
Applicable Skin Type:any skin type
How To Use
1. Water and oxygen
Product used:mineral water
How to use:Put the mineral water into the spray bottle of the spray, and inject the water and oxygen into the human skin through strong pressure.
Frequency of use:5-10 minutes each time
2. Oxygen spray
Products used:rose water, lotion
How to use:Add appropriate amount of product into the spray bottle. Water-like skin care products can be selected according to the customer’s skin.
Frequency of use:5-10 minutes each time
3. Oxygen injection
Products used:essence, toner, milk
How to use:Add an appropriate amount of product to the spray bottle and use it after diluting it with water.
Frequency of use:5-10 minutes each time
Package Included
1X Water Replenishment Instrument

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