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Face Slimming Cream V-shape Face Line Lift Firming Enzyme Thin Cream Fat Burning Moisturizing

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Main ingredient:Extract of Seaweed,Sodium Hyaluronate,Butter fruit tree Fruit fat,Hydrolyzed Collagen,Enzyme Extract,Sturgeon seed sauce extract
Increase skin elasticity, resist free radicals
Collagen supplementation, remodeling and firming of elasticity
High-quality natural moisturizing ingredients
Deep moisturizing, Elastic firming skin
Deep Water Moisturizing Ingredients
1. Lose double chin, thin small V-shape face. Extract the essence of enzymes, direct to the bottom of the muscle, improve the metabolism of facial skin, accelerate blood circulation, so as to achieve the effect of pulling tightly.
2. Tighten the bite muscles, tighten the outline. Repair facial superfluous bone tissue, make your face tight, let the big broad facial bite muscle, gradually become small face.
3. Reshape the facial contour, farewell to the pie face. Enzymes in the lipase can accelerate the decomposition of fat, promote collagen synthesis, tighten the skin to relax, so as to achieve a rapid thin face magic effect.
4. Enzymes can gently remove aging cutin, promote the metabolism of the skin, help to improve the skin condition thoroughly. Reshape skin contour, make skin firm, meticulous.
Package Included
1x Face Slimming Cream

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