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Mini Electric Eye Lip Massager Facial Treatment Thin Face Massage Tool

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Name:Eye and Lip Care Massager
Head color:White/Gold
Penetrate the epidermis of the skin, and specifically solve the dryness/fine lines/edema/epidermis/dermis/muscle caused by improper skin care
24° inclined surface, the appearance adopts the golden ratio design of the hand, which is ergonomic
Massage the eyes, relieve fine lines and relieve fatigue
Massage around the nose to prevent nasolabial lines
Massage the forehead to relieve forehead lines
Massage the mouth to prevent the corners of the mouth from sagging
1. Dilute crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, etc. Intermittent and regular micro-vibration stimulates subcutaneous tissues to muscles, repairs skin elastic fibers and collagen tissues, thereby relaxing and reducing wrinkles.
2. Increase skin moisture content and elastic skin. Through the stimulation of the special micro-current, the aging cells are shed and taken away from the surface of the skin with the blood, and the water content of the skin increases and is full of elasticity.
3. Lighten dark circles, spots, etc. Stimulates and activates the dermal tissue of the eye skin, promotes the proliferation of collagen in the declining skin, and quickly penetrates the skin care products into the deep layers of the skin through cell massage, so as to smooth wrinkles and reduce dark circles.
4. Introduce essence and supplement nutrition. This instrument not only has the effect of removing wrinkles, but also can introduce nutritional essence into the dermis
5. Instantly relieve eye fatigue and eye discomfort. Microcurrent can relieve pain, fatigue, and relax eye pressure.
6. Lifting and tightening eye massage vibration Small and practical, easy to carry on business trips
Package included
1 x Eye and Lip Care Massager

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