30ml Poly Gel Quick Building Gel Finger Extension Nail Gel

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1. Easy to remove with remover.
2. Nontoxic material, environmentally friendly and harmless to your body.
3. Free from carcinogenic and irritating acidic harmful substances.
4. Helps strengthen your nails with a durable shiny coat!
5. Durable and shining, makes your fingers more attractive.
6. Suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, etc.
7. Suitable for professional use or home use.
8. This Builder UV Gel can be cured under UV Lamp or LED Lamp.
Item Type:Nail Extension Glue
Color:Coffee, Skin Color, Pastel Color, Pink, Clear, Protein Color
Net Capacity:30ml
Weight:About 70g
Package Included
1 x Nail Extension Glue
How to Use
1. File the nail surface lightly.
2. Apply a very thin layer of Bonder or Natural Nail Primer if needed.
3. Apply Builder Gel and cure for 3 minutes. Apply additional coats if desired.
4. Place the nails under the UV /LED lamp for a full 3 minutes to completely cure the gel.
5. Apply a second coating of gel and cure for 3 minutes.
6. Clean the nails with a lint- free nail wipe saturated with the cleanser to remove the sticky uncured layer.
1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
2. Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.

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