15m Mint Portable Key Chain Dental Tooth Floss Flossing Teeth Oral Clean Gum Care Tool Keyring

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1. Delicate and cabinet, easy to carry, out of town, work, and travel use.
2. Remove plaque from between your teeth and along the gum line where a toothbrush cannot reach.
3. Reduce gum disease and tooth decay.
4. Micro wax dental flosser can clean the teeth better than the ones without Micro wax .
Item Type:Dental Flosser
Flavor:Mint flavor
Colors:Sent random with same function
Dental Flosser Lenght:15m
Size:As the picture
Package Included
1pcs X 15m Dental Flosser Keyring
Using method
Gently into the dental floss between teeth, the upper and lower teeth bite to the dental floss slowly slowly slipped into the teeth were removed, before and after the move. To remove the residual in the teeth gaps and dental plaque adjacent surfaces by dental floss, in order to maintain oral hygiene.
1. Do not use excessive force, so as not to damage the gums. To use different segments of floss into different teeth, keep clean to remove dental interproximal plaque.
2. Toothbrush can only brush the teeth on the table 70%. make up for the deficiencies of the toothbrush and dental floss.

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