5V 2A Red Light infrared LED therapy Pad Deep Penetration Pain Relief Safe Healing Pads

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1. Convenient to use, deep penetration, and can penetrate the dermal mucosal tissue layer up to 2~5cm deep.
2. Having good treatment effect to lumbago causes radiating pain in lower limbs, sensory disturbance, decreased muscle strength, weakness, lumbar aging, lumbar muscle strain, sports sprain, discomfort of sitting for a long time, fear of coldness, postpartum lumbago, chronic strain, soft tissue injury, arthritis.
3. The wavelength of red light therapy is 630-660, which can adjust different energy intensity according to different pathology.
4. Light physiotherapy effect, through the method of physics, has a very obvious anti-inflammatory and analgesic function, to accelerate blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, regulate blood lipids, promote damaged nerve regeneration, and enhance the function of immune defen se system.
5. The physiotherapy effect of hot compress can generate a large amount of heat in the process of use, which can reach the temperature of 30-45 degrees. It can be applied to the skin and other parts of the body needed to promote blood circulation and cooperate with red light to achieve the physiotherapy effect. A certain distance from the skin (generally no more than 30CM).
Item Type:LED Therapy Pad
Suitale:for people with skin wounds, gunshot wounds, knife wounds, surgical wounds, burns, etc.
Red physiotherapy wavelength:630-660
Time Setting:15, 30, 60minutes
Interface Type:USB interface, 5V power supply
Size:Approx. 18.5 x 18.5cm / 7.3 x 7.3in
Package List
1 x Therapy Pad
1 x Elastic Strap

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