120Pcs Aloe Makeup Remover Face And Lips Gentle Hydrating Moisturizing Makeup Remover Wipes

SKU: VWOZ-1653622


1. Aloe skin cleansing towel, no need to clean
2. Mild and non-irritating, two-in-one clean and moisturizing, refreshing and not tight, more moisturizing after removing makeup
3. Skin-friendly PH value, no alcohol, no irritation, can also use sensitive skin
4. High-quality natural cotton, gentle skin-friendly, easy to remove makeup
5. Soft and absorbent, full of essence, you can remove makeup anytime, anywhere
Type:Makeup Remover Wipes
Skin Type:All skin types
Shelf Life:3 years
Net weight:200 grams
Quantity:120 pcs / pack
Country of origin:China
Package Included
1X Makeup Remover Wipes

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Weight0.192 kg


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