TOSWIM Professional Waterproof Anti-fog Training Swimming Goggles from

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Color. Purple / Color. Blue / Color. White / Color. Black /

* TOSWIM professional training swimming goggles
* Create a professional HD vision
An anti-fog layer is added to the inside and outside of the swimming goggles to prevent condensation and maintain a clear view.
* Waterproof design
Keep the water clear in the water
* Comfortable to wear
Soft material and high fit
* DIY matching method
2 pairs of goggles can be combined with 4 wearing styles.
Brand:TOSWIM (XIAOMI Ecological Chain Brand)
Name:Professional Training Swimming Goggles
Color:White, Black, Blue, Purple
Material:Mirror lens:Polycarbonate
Gasket:Silica gel
Mirror band:Silica gel
Side slip buckle:Polycarbonate
Package Included
Swimming Goggles:1PC
Earplug:1 Pair
Nose Buckle:3Ocs
Swimming Goggles Box:1Pc

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