PMA Graphene Heating Scarf Fashion 3 Gears Control 1s Immediate Heating Wild Winter Isolated Cold Washable from Ecosystem for Men & Women

SKU: VWOZ-1483475


Color. Grey / Color. Red /

Fashionable design for all kinds for wearing
Premium Bamboo fiber fabric soft &breathable
Graphene technology for continuous heating release 6-14um wide spectrum energy wave
Hexagonal and honeycomb inner atom grapheme structure to offer stable and even heating
3 gears control:38-42°(green) 43-48°(blue) 48°-52°(red)
Graphene immediate heating within 1-2 seconds
Brand:PMA (Xiaomi Ecosystem)
Name:PMA Graphene Heating Scarf
Size:200 * 60cm
Weight:390.5g ± 20g
Fabric:100% recycled cellulose
Input parameters:DC 5V, 1A
Package Includes
1x Graphene Heating Scarf
1x Instruction
1x USB Cable

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