Sleep Mask Temperature Control Heat Steam Eye Patch Night Mask Sleeping Band Cover Relax Hot Compress Electrical USB Blindfold

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Quality silk cotton, soft and comfortable.It can effectively balance the pressure of the eye mask to the face of the wearer, without the feeling of oppression, and make the wearer feel comfortable.
Temperature and time control, Eye mask designed with 3 classes heat temperature from low to high and 3 classes timing from 45 to 60 minutes.
Special packs for hot compresses, each with its own taste and function.
Safe, no irritation to the skin with low voltage 5v. Internal of the eye mask is compose with soft and fluffy materials, allowing only the softest and most gentle touch to your eyes.
Fragrance:Wormwood, Cassia, Rose, Lavender
How to Use
1.Take out the eye mask and connect the dc plug to the temperature control plug.
2.Put the medicinebag in from the opening, if steam is needed, spray a small amount of water on the opening.
3.Insert the USB connector into the computer, power bank, charger (5v/2v).
4.Put on the button to set the time and temperature according to the color change.
5.Wearing the eye mask and enjoy it, and the recommended hot compress time is 30 minutes.
Care Instruction
1.The eye mask can be washed by hand and reused.
2.Store in a dry and cool place to extend service life.
Package Included
1 x Eye Mask
1 x MedicinePack
1 x Fever Film
1 x Temperature Controller

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