Professional Facial Steamer SPA Nano Ionic Warm Mist Humidifier thermal Machine Face Skin Care Tool

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Nano-water Ions:Let the skin breathe deeply, layer penetration, penetrate into the muscle base, let every pore breathe and drink plenty of water.
Nano spray for quick moisturization.
Extra large tank for moisturizing.
Nano hydration, dredge pores, soothing season sensitivity, softening keratin.
It outputs fine nano-ion water mist, raises the temperature, reaches the basal layer, protects the dry skin and absorbs it quickly, and moisturizes more evenly. Nano-water molecules that penetrate the surface of the skin, fully hydrate the cells, moisturize and moisturize.
Product Name:Facial Steamer
Color:White, Pink
Materials:ABS Resin
Spray Type:Thermal Spray
Steam Temperature:About 40C°
Rated Voltage:220V, 50Hz
Rated Power:280W
Taboo People
(1) Duringpregnancy or menstruation, women may have skin problems due to hormonal imbalance.
(2) People with allergies, those with skin diseases, dermatitis, skin allergies and severe sunburn.
(3) People with skin damage, eczema, swelling, etc.
Suggestions for Use
1. Steam the face after completely removing makeup and cleaning the face skin
2.It should not be overused. Excessive use will open the pores. It should be used no more than once a day, no more than 8 minutes per use. Normal skin should be used 2 to 3 times a week. Sensitive skin should be used once a week.
3. Add distilled water or pure water to reduce scale.
4. The distance of face steaming is generally 20cm from the instrument, and it can be drawn close after the face is adapted to the temperature.
5. When hot face, pay attention to temperature and steam quantity to avoid scalding eyes, skin or respiratory tract.
6. After steaming the face, wash the face with cold water, and then give the skin care products such as convergence water for the face to have better effect.
Package Includes
1 x Facial Steamer

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