USB Rechargeable Hanging Neck Fan 3 Gears Mini Outdoor Mini Outdoor Handheld Air Cooler Cooling Fan

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1. It can be used in multiple scenarios, which can hang the neck, waist, and put on the desktop;
2. Large-capacity battery, up to 10 hours of battery life;
3. High-quality silent brushless motor
4, 3 gears can adjust the air volume;
5. Wide-angle air outlet, strong wind;
6. Simple appearance, fresh color matching;
Material:ABS/electronic components
Rated input:DC5.0V/1.0A
Working current:0.3-1.2A
Rated power:1.2-5W
Battery capacity:2000 mAh
Battery usage time:1st gea:10 hours, 2nd gear:4.5 hours, 3-speed:2.5 hours
Charging time:about 2 hours
Press the switch once to start the air volume of level 1,
press the switch for the second time to start the air volume of level 2,
and press the switch for the third time to start the air volume of level 3,
and press the switch for the fourth time to turn off the power.
The three air volume levels respectively display ’01’, ’02’, and ’03’; the remaining power displays ’01-100%’; the low battery displays ‘LO’; the full charge displays ‘100%’
Package included
1X Fan host
1X Charging cable
1X Manual
1X Lanyard

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