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PVC inflatable Cervical Collar Neck Relief Traction Brace Support Pillow Device

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Color:Rose Red, Blue, Red, Light Grey, Green, Khaki (Optional)
The Inflatable Neck Traction Device is a value for money neck collar that effectively supports the head, neck and shoulders.
The pneumatic neck device easily inflates with the hand pump to a comfortable level of traction alleviating pressure and decompressing the spinal disc and easing the constriction on nerve and blood circulation.
Furthermore, the Inflatable Neck Traction Device relaxes the shoulder muscles and greatly improves the spinal posture.
It also helps keep the neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion.
Suitable for
Reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain while working, studying, driving, etc.
Helps to avoid motions that might cause pain.
Support and correct neck posture.
Provide firm comfortable support.
1. Wear the portable according to the correct method. Beginners can wear it in front of a mirror, adjust the size of the neck circumference, and fix the front, upper, and middle magic type straps to suit people with different neck circumferences.
2. Tighten the deflation nut before inflating the ball.
3. Inflate with an inflatable ball until the patient feels the intensity is appropriate and the symptoms are relieved.
4. At least 2-3 times a day, at least 30 minutes each time.
5. After use, loosen the deflation nut and deflate slowly.
Use note
1. Tighten the nut before inflating. Pay special attention to the rubber gasket to compress the vent hole. Do not turn the gasket upside down. After charging, move the control valve on the long pipe up slightly to prevent slow deflation.
2. Push the control valve back during deflation and loosen the inflatable handball nut.
3. When not in use for a long time, do not let the air in the liner be cleaned, and put it in a cool place to better maintain the latex liner.
4. Pay attention to traction, usually get up and rest after working at desk for half an hour, and use suitable pillows when sleeping.
Storage method:This product should be stored in a cool, clean and dry place. It should not be mixed with harmful, toxic or corrosive items.
Package Included
1 x Neck Relief Traction (excluding other decorations)

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