3 in 1 Micro-current intense Pulsed Light laser Hair Growth Regrow therapy Comb

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Item Type:3 in 1 Intense Pulsed Light Micro-current Laser Hair Growth Comb
Input Power:DC15V
Power:100-240V 50/60HZ 6W
Size:About 18*3.5*4.5CM(1cm=10mm=0.39inch)
Package Size:approx.21.5*16.5*6.5cm
*It has three main functions:laser ,Intense Pulsed Light, micro – current
*Accelerate the blood circulation of scalp, promote metabolism
*Stimulate hair follicles, improve the immunity of hair follicles
*Adjust grease secretion function to improve hair loss
*Promote healthy scalp and improve hair quality
*Stop hair loss and makes hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier
*Vibration mode provides a comfortable scalp massage,increasing circulation and blood flow to help accelerate the hair growth process.
Apply the hair essence to the scalp, do your hair with the comb from top to bottom, if you do not feel the stimulation of the current, turn up the high current strength;If you feel a bit of irritation, adjust the current strength till where it fits yourself.
Laser Works in Hair Loss
The 650nm low-frequency laser stimulates the hair follicles with low frequency current and can massage continuously, thus activating the hair follicle tissue and promoting metabolism and hair growth
Intense Pulsed Light Works in Hair Loss
Intense Pulsed Light contains six colors of light wave, has the extremely strong effect to activate cell, strengthening metabolism, which can also promote dead cell to fall off and new cell’s regeneration.
Micro-current Works in Hair Loss
Micro-current continuously massage the scalp, promoting muscle movement, restoring skin’s elasticity, accelerating blood circulation, enhancing the permeability of cells, and effectively provide nutrients to the skin.
Package Included
1x Host
1x User Manual
1x Adapter

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