45*45cm 220V 50W Electric Blanket Single Heating Blanket Cushion Warming Knee Blankets

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Name:Non-removable warm-up blanket
Rated voltage:220V-50HZ
Temperature:38-60 ° C
Product color:deer pattern
Soft and comfortable, buttocks, shawl, leg covering, warm feet, full body.
High-temperature power – off protection, built-in temperature sensor, automatic power – off when the temperature is too high, can effectively prevent danger.
Uniform heat, double layer sandwich design, uniform wiring, warm and comfortable.
Exquisite seaming, smooth line, finer stitching, not easy to open the line.
The flannel electric blanket is comfortable, soft, thick and warm.
1. Do not use the electric blanket for the lower bunk when the temperature is high.
2. Can not be exposed to the sun, can not be baked, can not be ironed.
3. Do not fold and use.
4. Can not be used when wet.
5. Do not insert pins.
6. Do not place heavy objects on it for a long time at high temperatures.
7. Must not be used by persons who are unable to take care of themselves, infants or people who are not sensitive to heat.
8. Turn off the power when no one is using or leaving.
Package included
1 x Non-removable warm-up blanket

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