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Product Name:FIVE Multi-function Disinfection Box
Product model:YSXDH001WX
Input power:5V–2A/9V-2A
Output power:≦15W
Disinfection power:≦20mw
Disinfection method:UVC–LED
Product size:189.5*105*38mm
Package Included
1 * Xiaomi Youpin FIVE Multifunctional Disinfection Box
Cell phone = potential bacterial culture dish
As everyone knows, the mobile phone we don’t leave every day is actually a potential inchbacterial culture dish.inch According to the investigation, the surface of the seemingly clean mobile phone has a bacteria of up to 120,000/cm2, and the bacteria carried by one mobile phone are more than 18 times that of the toilet.
Sterilization new upgrade To a good life
A clean life can have a high life, and don’t let potential bacteria threaten us and our children’s health. Mobile phone sterilization, there is no time to delay.
Home has a magic box, everywhere is sunshine
UVC-LED as a popular new deep ultraviolet light source, the wavelength of its release
The deep ultraviolet light of 260-280nm can directly destroy the DNA or RNA of bacteria and viruses, and it has a fast, safe and no side effect.
FIVE multi-function disinfection box uses the most advanced UVC-LED technology in the industry to achieve sterilization.
Wireless fast charging, fast charging does not hurt the machine
10W-Qi high-power wireless charging, automatic identification, bid farewell to the shackles of wired charging, fast delivery. The advanced Qi fast charging protocol ensures safety and stability during the charging process, and the bottom hollow heat dissipation is uniform, and it is not easy to accumulate heat.
Intelligent human body induction
Open cover automatically closes disinfection
Automatically turn off the disinfection process when opening the cover, without worrying about injury to the body.
No dead angle illumination
Let the bacteria escape
The UVC ー LED lamp bead used in the FIVE multi-function disinfection box can reach 7mW-10mW. It adopts specular reflection technology, can reflect ultraviolet rays at 360°, and is sterilized without dead angle irradiation. The sterilization is more thorough and comprehensive. The lamp life is up to 10,000 hours, 15 minutes each time, and can be used 40,000 times.

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