3W LED Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Fly Bug insect Repellent Night Lamp Zapper for Home

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Color Pink / Color Blue /

Description:Rated power:3W
Rated voltage:DC 5V
Lamp type:LED
Scope of application:20-80㎡
Color:Pink, Blue
Using LED purple light source technology, LED optical wave lamp temptation, 365nm wavelength transmission, mosquito’s fatal temptation wavelength.
8 LED energy-saving lamps are used to emit light, and only 1 degree of electricity is used for environmental protection and energy saving in 30 days.
365nm precise optical wave, mosquitoes have phototaxis, imitating the 365nm optical wave that mosquitoes like.
360-degree luminous all-round mosquito trapping, giving you a mosquito-free environment.
The seven-leaf whirlwind is powerful for sucking mosquitoes. A low-noise DC fan is used to stir the surrounding air with high suction, so that the mosquitoes follow the airflow and then suck it tightly into the bottom of the fan.
The beauty of silence is as low as 18 decibels. The quietly designed air duct guarantees low noise operation and protects you silently.
The whole process of physical safety eliminates mosquitoes, does not produce harmful substances, and protects the health of mothers and infants.
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1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp

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