Gua Sha Massager Black Bian Stone Board Manual Scraping Tool Health Care

SKU: VWOZ-1493161


Used to release muscle tension and tightness
Best choice for professional gua sha therapist or personal user
Can perform gua sha for the most positions of the body.
Material:Stone Needle
Size:App 9.5*8.5*0.5cm (L*W*H)
The Hole diameter:App 0.3cm
Suit:Full Body
Intended for
People for long time using computers, mobile phones or other types of electromagnetic radiation equipment.
Faster pace of work, the nerve is in a state of tension for a long time.
An adverse blood circulation; a person who is easily stiff or painful in the waist, shoulders, and neck.
Mental stress, the need to continue to relax the spirit of the people.
Often insomnia, listlessness, need to improve physical energy of people.
Low immunity, people need to improve physical fitness.
People who need to be treated..
Package Included
1 x Guasha Scraping (Just send the Scraping,not including other decor.)

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