6/9 Levels Electric Suction Vacuum Scraping Body Massager Back Gua Sha Machine

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Type 1 / Type 2 /

USB Electric Cupping Stimulate Acupoint Body Slimming Massager Guasha Scraping Heat Massage Negative Pressure Acupuncture Therapy.
This massage device can be used for cupping, hot pack and scraping, which helps promote lymphatic detoxification and blood circulation, eliminate toxins through lymphatic circulation and scrape. According to the effect of heat to reduce pressure. Magnetic wave therapy eliminates inflammation swelling and pain.
Type:1:Plug-in type, 2:Rechargeable type
Type 1:Standard Model
USB line length:180cm
Rated Voltage:DC 5V
Rated power:10W
Size:10×11.5x13cm (L*W*H)
Temperature Levels:6 Levels
Gravitation Levels:6 Levels
Power Supply:Plug-in
Function:Vacuum vacuum, magnetic wave therapy, thermal massage
Type 2:Upgrade Model
LCD Display:Yes
USB line length:180cm
Rated Voltage:DC 5V
Rated Power:20W
Size:10×11.5x13cm (L*W*H)
Temperature Levels:9 Levels
Gravitation Levels:9 Levels
Power Supply:USB Rechargeable
Function:Vacuum vacuum, magnetic wave therapy, thermal massage
Please Note:The difference in power supply of these three models is:the standard model is plug-in, the upgrade model is rechargeable
1. [Negative Pressure Gravitation] Provide powerful sucking to your skin and adipose tissue to active lymph detoxification function and enhance blood circulation with scraping effect.
2. [Thermal Energy] Proliferate the dermal collagen by thermal effects and relax your nerves and release pressure by delivering continuous heat.
3. [Magnetic Wave Therapy] Eliminate inflammation and swelling to relieve your body fatigue and promote physical recovery.
4. [Simple Operation] Quick access to button control and direct display indication on the panel, convenient to monitor the working status and instantly power on/off, adjust heating temperature or negative pressure intensity levels and set the time to widely fit different body parts demands as desire with perfect comfort.
5. [Stable Power Supply] USB Rechargeable or Plug-in Power Supply for options, practical to enjoy relaxing massaging anywhere and anytime, suitable for both home and travel use.
6. [Multipurpose Applications] Can be widely used on your body for cupping, massaging, guasha, weight lossing, etc, effectively helping in shaping your neck, arms, legs, back, abdomen and lower & upper limbs, etc.
Package Included
1 x Scraping Massager
1 x 1.8M USB Cable(Standard/ Upgrade Type)
1 x 1.5M Tape Measure
1 x Tweezers
1 Pack Filter Cotton and Filter Plug

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