Electric Blackhead Suction Remover Cleaner Vacuum Suction Pore Acne Removal Deep Clean

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Type:Blackhead Remover Cleaner
Input Power:2.5W
Rated Voltage:3.7V
Power supply:USB charging
Charging Time:90 Minutes
Package included
1x Blackhead Remover Cleaner
1x USB Cable
1x Instructions
6x replacement heads
Skin-Friendly, made from high quality ABS material,safe and none-irritate,suitable for both sensitive and normal skin.
Three gears, freely adjustable, fit the needs.
Exquisite and compact, beautiful in appearance, easy to operate and easy to carry.
Effectively remove blackheads, exfoliate and cleanse the skin.
Lift skin elasticity and make the skin tighten through the 6 replacement suction Probes tool in different shapes.Remove skin dirt, oil, aging keratin and residual makeup to make pores breathe smoothly.
Restore skin elasticity and remove dead skin cells:remove various magazine mites and oil residues from the funnel of hair follicles.
Makeup remover, facial cleanser to clean dirt and make-up residue on face.
Apply the blackhead outlet solution to the nose for 3-5 minutes to make the blackheads deep in the fat appear.
Use this product to absorb stubborn blackheads and skin dirt
Use daily skin care products after cleansing the face.

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