100-240V Electric Palm Hand Massager Acupressure Finger Relax Pain Relief Massage Care therapy Beauty Machine

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Plug EU Plug Color1 White / Plug US Plug Color1 White / Plug US Plug Color1 Gold / Plug EU Plug Color1 Gold /

This palm massager can effectively improve microcirculationHand, acupuncture points fully stimulate the hands, and make the hands of the skin delicate and smooth. Suitable for use at home, in the office or when traveling.
Item Type:Palm Hand Massager
Plug:US Plug, EU Plug
Battery Type:4X AA Batteries (Not Included)
Time Setting:5-15 minutes
Air Pressure Setting:3 Level
Product Size:approx.26.5×20.5×8.5cm/10.44×8.07×3.35inch
Package Size:approx.24.8×10.3x30cm/9.77×4.06×11.82inch
Weight:approx. 1475g
1. Made of high quality ABS material, which is durable, high strength and good toughness.
2. Repair aging joint deformation, relieve numbness of the hands and cold, Whiten and maintain the skin of the hand.
3. Intelligent air pressure generates a soothing rhythm. Accurately massaging fingers and palms.
4. Promote blood circulation, relieve muscles, reduce handFatigue, discomfort and pain.
5. Effectively improve hand microcirculation, Fully Acupuncture points stimulate the hands, and make the skin of the handsDelicate and smooth.
6. Suitable for use at home, office or when traveling.
7. Two methods of power supply, the battery or adapter, convenient and safe to use.
Package Included
1X Palm Hand Massager
1X Power Adapter
1X Chinese User Manual
1X English User Manual
1 Pair Disposable Gloves
1. Do not use the hand massager while driving.
2. Do not use the massager outside of high temperature and humidity.
3. The hand has redness, inflammation, blood stasis and other discomfort symptoms. If you have performed hand surgery, do not use it.
4. Before use, please make sure that the palm is not wearing the jewelry.
5. Do not apply nail polish within 1 hour before use.
6. Put the palm of your hand into the inner tube of the massager and turn it on again to avoid damage to the airbag. Suggested to wear
Wear disposable gloves for this product.
7. Please use the regulated power supply configured by our company and pay attention to the safety of electricity.
8. The battery is low. Please take out the battery to avoid damage to the machine due to battery leakage.
(Alkaline batteries are recommended)
9. The hand massager is designed for household electric health care products, not for diagnosis, treatment and its
It is for commercial use.
10. If cleaning is required, wipe it with sterile cotton dampened with a mild detergent. No water Clean the product.
11.This massager has a heating function, please pay attention when using it for users who are not sensitive to temperature sensing.

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