Xiaomi Mijia S Natural Latex Neck Protector Pillows 3D Elastic Soft Pillow Neck Protection Cushion Curl Antibacterial Pillow

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Thai natural latex
Large particle style
Dupont eco-friendly pillowcase
Upgrade gift package
Brand:Xiaomi Mijia
Product name:Mijia Natural Latex Neck Protector Pillow S
Product model:MJRJZ01S8H
Pillow core material:natural latex
Inner pillowcase material:100% polyester fiber
Outer pillowcase material:85% cotton,15% polyester fiber
Product size:600 x 380 x 110/130mm
Safety standard:GB 18401-2010 B Type
Executive standard:FZ/T 62036-2017
Product grade:qualified product
Thailand high purity latex, which is natural
Thailand is recognized as the origin of high quality latex Mijia selected Thailand high quality natural latex stoste. Large partidle shaped pillow core is made by molding Dun Lop foaming process, no synthetic latex is added, natural purity is maintained, and formaldehyde is not detected.
11/13cm neck protector height, suitable for supine & side lying
The pillow adopts scientific design of high, middle and low arc, which can it the head and neck, make up for the suspended part, help the cerical spine stretch and relax and conform to the natural physiolegical curve. The height of 11/13cm can be adapted to both supine and side sleeping. providing more people with appropriate pillow height options.
3d particles, bring more soothing enjoyment
Pillow core surface distibution of large 3d latex particles, lying above, you can take full care of the head, neck parts, help the body to relax, stable sleep.
65D high-density shoulder and neck support, 262 3d particles slightly release pressure
The density of latex pillow core is as high as 65D, which brings comfortable sleep feeling and high elaticity. 262 3d particles, moderate hardness, uniform and gentle release of pressure, so that the shoulder and neck can be effectively supported. Latex has a natural frankincense, but also can help soothe the mood, easy to fall asleep.
Dupont Sorona® environmentally friendly fibers-Elasticity that can stretch or contract
The outside pillowcase is made of Dupont Sorona® fiber and cotton Blum colored spun yarn, which is a new generation of composite technology fabric. Dupont Sorona® fiber is a natural renewable material partially derived from plant-based materials with natural crimp structure characteristics. Superior elasticity and resilience, so that the fabric crisp and braced, even if repeated stretch, but also instant recovery.
Swedish Polygiene® antibacterial technology-AAA grade antibacterial before and after washing
Swedish polygiene® silver ion antibacterial agent was added to the outside pillowcase fabrics, which could effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the fabrics, protect the natural flora of human skin from being affected, and the antibacterial effect reached AAA level. After repeated washing, it can still maintain good bactericidal activity.
Thickened CLEANCOOL® inner pillowcase-AA class antibacterial technology fabric
CLEANCOOL® is a non-chemical antibacterial fabric. The inside fabric can quickly expel sweat and moisture. Add silver-base antibacterial substances inside, which can inhibit bacteria and provide meticulous protection. Thickened CLEANCOOL® inner pillowcase, double comfort.
Both inner and outer pillowcases can be removed and washed. Open also can see the inner latex true core material.
Outside pillowcase double side storage bag
Intimate two-sided accessories storage bag, to receive your earphone, eye mask, glasses and other small things.
Package Included
1x Pillow body (including inner pillowcase)
1x Outside pillowcase
1x Pillow opener
1x Manuals
Please be sure to open the compression package within 7 days after receiving the product. After opening it, you can use both hands to flap the two sides of the pillow core inward to make the latex pillow rebound.

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