Xiaoda Electric Blanket from 3 Gears Smart Constant Temperature Low Radiation Automatic Power off Washable Heating Blankets

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Type Double / Type Single /

Safe & comfortable
Low radiation
3 gears smart constant temperature
Automatic power off after 12 hours
Overheating protection
One-key to remove mites
Brand:Xiaomi, Xiaoda
Product name:Xiaoda Electric Blanket
Type:Double person, Single person
Product color:White
Single size:150X80cm
Double size:170X150cm
Product power:60W single person, 120W double person
Working voltage:220V
Product attribute:Class two appliance
3 gears intelligence constant temperature
35~55°C – 3 gears constant temperature are designed for families, to meet the heat needs of people with different body temperatures, protect families to have healthy and comfortable sleep.
12 hours smart off
When you sleep for a long time, you need to set the gear to 1 (low gear), and automatically cool down from every gear within 12 hours until the power is off, so as to avoid forget to turn it off when you are deeply sleeping.
Overheating protection
Electric blanket to a certain temperature, for the safety of users design, when the electric blanket overheating it will play a protective role, it will be cut off. When electric blanket get to a certain temperature, it will electrify.
One-key easy to remove mites
Xiaoda electric blankets use DC heating, killing mites at high temperatures, and staying away from mites, creating a healthy sleep for you.
AC power supply with low radiation
Xiaoda preferred double insulation system to isolate radiation and protect the health of the whole family.
Fine soft pure white nonwoven fabric
The surface of electric blanket is made of fine non-woven fabric, which has high water pressure resistance, good air permeability, good acid & alkali resistance.
60W low power, whole night warmth cost can be as low as 0.5 yuan
60W low power, once heating lasting warmth, energy saving, environmental protection and save money
Double blanket double temperature double control design. Temperature separately control on both sides
According to different people’s heating habits in bed and the different body characteristics of the inherent parts of the human body, it is the most humanized design to make electric blanket to be able to control various independent temperature zones conveniently.
Portable washable fabrics, machine washable and water washable.
The fabrics are welded by ultrasonic wave technology, which has strong bonding and is not easy to wrinkle and deform. The heating line is safe and durable.
Package Included
1x Electric blanket
1x Power supply
1x Controller

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