220-240V Professional Manicure Pedicure Electric Drill Nail Art Set

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Rated Voltage Range:220-240v~50Hz
Output Rated Voltage:DC0-17V
Rated Power Input:10W
Output Vurrent:0.8A
No Load Speed:18000-20000RPM
Load Speed:16000-18500RPM
Weight:About 1.09Kg
Adapter:We will send you an adapter according to your living country.
If you want the 110-120V, please click the product ID:87142.
Package Included
1 X Electric Nail Drill Main control
1 X Handpiece
1 X Handpiece Stand
1 X 6 type Basic Bits Set
1 X English User Manual
1. Press the power-supply’switch, and the indiator should power on, and the grinder is ready for operation.
2. Press the switch in hand piece, the hand piece’s power should be opened,and start to turn.
3. Turn the SPEED CONTRTOL clockwise slowly and the portable grinding head starts to turn and accelerate,until the max spleed.
4. Turn the SPEED CONTRTOL counterclockwise, to decelerate the grinding head.
5. The turning directions can be swapped, FWD means clockwise direction and REV means counterclockwise direction.
6. Adjust the speed of the grinding head within a reasonable range.
7. Press the switch toinchOinchstatus in hand piece, the piece’power should be closed,and stop to turn.
8. Press the power-supply’switch to inchOinchstatus, and the indicator should power off, and the grinder is stopped.
1. Don not change the turning directions to frequently, otherwise it will damage the grinding head.
2 .Turn the SPEED CONTROL counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to minimum before turing off and switch the main power supply inchOinch.
3. After operation, put the grinding head on the top of the main panel.
4. While the grinding head is in operation, never pull out the 5.5plug of the portable grinding head.
5. For long idle time, please disconnect the source power.
6. Any unauthorized disassembing of the product is prohibited, in case of any break down ,pleasecontact the agent .
or authorized repair center,.we promise swift, high-quality and satisfactory sevice.
7. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order avoid a haza.
8. Chilren should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with appliance.

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