16 Heads Neck Massage Pillow 3 Gears Heating Magnetic therapy Massage Device for Neck Waist Abdominal Arm Thigh Calf

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Rated power:25W
Massage mode:forward massage, reverse massage
Safety protection:over heat, over current protection
Specification:16 heads
Classification of physical therapy:magnetic therapy
16D hot compress massage ball, completely evacuate muscles, relieve pain, restore vitality, built-in protection device for overheating and power failure.
Positive turn and reverse, knead and massage,utomatic positive and negative turn knead and massage, match real person feel, regulating qi and activating blood, shu jing and activating collaterals.
Elastic straps can be attached to the back of a car chair or chair at home or office for easy massage.
Hidden zipper, more beautiful and avoid accidental opening of children, more security.
Three gears can be adjusted, can be adjusted as needed.
Magnetic stone massage head, with hot compress, better effect.
Car home dual purpose:car home dual purpose massage pillow, specially designed for car owners, can improve fatigue driving
Warm sensation assists heat, the effect is doubled:the massage is assisted by the warm sensation slightly higher than the body temperature, so that you can quickly relieve fatigue.
Simulate six massage techniques:simulate a variety of techniques derived from many experiments with real people, enjoy different comforts, and let you relax
Multi-part massage:neck massage, waist massage, abdominal massage, arm massage, thigh massage, calf massage
Package included
1 x Car-Mounted Home Massage Pillow

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