Olybo Scalable Portable Oral Irrigator USB Charging High Frequency Pulsed Water Flosser Tooth Flusher IPX7 Waterproof Removable Tank From Ecosystem

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Portable & Pocket style
High pressure pulsed flow
Removable large capacity water tank
45 days super long endurance
IPX7 waterproof level & Food contact grade material
Telescopic body, easy to operate, pocket style& portable
Innovative patented independent nozzle storage bin technology, convenient & healthy. Built-in independent nozzle storage bin, which can be pulled out when used and turned into compact when pressed.
1600 times/min high frequency water flow, high efficiency and deep cleaning
High frequency pulsed water flow, 0.65mm tiny water column, effectively cleaning the teeth and gingival groove, massage the gums, promote oral metabolism.
360° rotating nozzle,3 gears jet mode
360° rotating nozzle, adjustable nozzle Angle, easy to go deep into the blind areas of the oral. 3 gears cleaning mode, one-key to switch, suitable for different people.
Removable large tank for easy cleaning and no bacteria
When the 150ml large-capacity water tank is full of water, it can be cleaned once. Water tank can be disassembled, no residual water, not easy to breed bacteria.
Hidden USB charging port, 45 days of super long endurance
1500mAh high energy efficiency lithium battery, long endurance. USB charging, 4 hours fully charged can meet 45 days of use.
US FDA certified, food contact grade material
The nozzle and water tank have passed the FDA Food and Drug Safety Test, they are safe. Both children and preg nant women can use them.
IPX7 waterproof, whole body washing
Three layers waterproof structure, up to IPX7 level, the whole body waterproof.
Ergonomic handle
The skin-friendly ergonomic handle is more in line with Asian people’s holding habits
Brand:Olybo, Xiaomi You Pin
Name:Olybo Scalable Portable Oral Irrigator
Color:Sky blue
Charging time:About 4 hours
Charging mode:USB charging
Rated power:8W
Endurance time:≥45MIN (standard mode)
Waterproof level:IPX7
Vibration frequency:1600 times/min, 1200 times/min, alternating pulse
Charging voltage:110~240V (universal global voltage)
Normal Mode:1600 times/min, daily cleaning food residue, fresh breath & prevent tooth from decaying
Soft mode:200 times/min, soft, suitable for novice, massage gums, cares for oral
Pulse mode:1200-1600 times/min alternating, clean residue, fight off plaque
Package Included
1x Olybo oral irrigator host
2x Professional standard nozzle
1x USB charging cable
Usage method
1.Rotate the open cover, take out the nozzle, insert the nozzle into the jack (If a sound is made, it means that it is fixed.)
2.Open the water tank cover, pull out the water tank to the mark line (If a sound is made, it means that it is fixed.)
3.Fill the tank with water and close the cover, than it can be used.
4.When using, aim the nozzle at the gap of the tooth and start the oral irrigator

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