Digital Body Scale 180KG LCD Glass Weight Scales Bathroom Gym Electronic Scale

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Name:Digital Body Scale
Material:toughened glass, ABS material
Weighing range:3.0-180kg
Weighing accuracy:0.1kg
Power on:the scale will start up automatically, and the machine will shut down automatically after about 6 seconds (note:please wait for about 10 seconds before standing up for the first time, or there will be error)
TPU elastic anti-skid, LOD large screen display, automatic induction switch, g-type sensor, 180kg weight bearing, kilogram/pound unit conversion, power saving and long standby time.
Pressure sensing, automatic switch. Built-in gravity sensing system, the station scale can automatically switch on and off, after the load bearing left, a few seconds automatically boot.
5mm thickened tempered glass wedge edge design to prevent foot contact.
Large screen display, 60*25mm LCD display, clear display, no noise.
G sensor, weight sensor accurate, responsive and fast.
TPU non-slip foot pad, good elasticity and extrusion resistance, cushion pressure and aging resistance, will not be long deformation due to weather changes.
Button battery device, long standby time, remove the trouble of changing the battery frequently.
1. When weighing, please stand on the weighing surface evenly to keep your body balanced. When the reading on the weighing surface is stable, it will be your current weight. When you leave, the product will automatically shut down after a few seconds, when the product shows 0.0 or the same weight value of 8 seconds will automatically shut down.
2. When the display displays OL, it means that the weighing is also overloaded (within the weighing range of 180kg). Please weigh it below to avoid damage to the product. When the display shows LO, it means the battery is low. Please replace the battery as soon as possible so as not to affect the use.
3. Color difference description:take the real object as the standard (shooting light, picture processing, display factors)
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1 x Digital Body Scale

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