Solar Power Ultrasonic Pest Mole Animal Repeller Garden Rat Mouse Snake Repellent

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Name:Solar Snake Rat Repellent
Power supply:solar energy
Material:ABS plastic
Battery:NI-MH environmental friendly battery
Charging mode:direct sunlight
Size:90 * 800 * 385 mm
Protection level:IP65
Rated power:5W and below (W)
Voltage:1.2 (V)
Sunshine duration:6 (h)
Life:200000 (h)
Using environmental protection material, no pollution.
Solar panel power supply, built-in environmental rechargeable battery, can store enough electricity.
No electric shock, no radiation, no harm to human body.
Easy installation, plug and play.
The solar mole repeller is effective within an area of 300 square meters.
Special devices are built in to transmit sound waves and vibration waves through the land, making the snakes and mice feel uncomfortable, so as to get away from the scene and achieve the purpose of driving away.
Scope of use:hotels, villas, parks, farms, paddy fields, farms, etc.
This product is rainproof, but not rainproof. Please do not install it in low-lying places. If the rain is too high, please remove this product until the rain recedes.
Charging method
Solar energy charging, turn on the switch, plug in the sun will automatically charge.
Package included
1 x Solar Snake Rat Repellent

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