5 in 1 Men 4D Rechargeable Electric Shaver USB Cordless Bald Head Grooming Clipper Trimmer

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Name:5 In1 4D Rechargeable Bald Head Shaver
Material:ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic)+ Stainless steel
Power Type:Rechargeable
(Built-in battery 450mAh x 2, rechargeable)
Charge:5 hours
Endurance:45 minutes(The specific time of use is related to the time of shaving)
Rated voltage:Global Universal(100-230V),Power:3W
Input voltage of the body:5V; Output power:1W
Dual use
1.Dampness shaving
With the use of shaving foam(shaving foam not included)
2.Dry shaving
Use it directly, experience at any time and anywhere
1.5 In 1
equip with Haircut, Nasal hair pruning, Soft deep brush, Face Cleanser,Bald head shaving beard trimming with double sharp kni-fe nets save your money, economy, practical, safe sharp enough, give you more space in your bathroom make you clean in short time before leaving home
2.Rechargable & Long lasting
Fast charging in 5 hours keep working for over 45mins.
3.Shaving No Bleeding
Comfortable head & beard shaving experience with 5 flex head floating design, nicely attach to your face chin surface, sharp with easy-to-go design, shaves qucikly more safer avoid bleeding
4.Hole Body Waterproof
Washable IPX 7 waterproof body can be used in your shower or shaving in the morning, also make your cleaning nice easy.Simple open each cap of the heads, clean the excess hair away with flowing water.Keep in a cool place to dry
Ergonomic design for a more comfortable
Trim, shape and style facial hair
Deep clean facial brush-removes impurities&energises the skin
Pre-shave massage brush softens stubble
Fast clip nose hair, breathe more smoothly
Can be opened,easy to operate and easy to clean
Best ergonomic design,equip with Haircut, Nasal hair pruning, Soft deep brush, Face Cleanser
Rotating five cutter head.double ring independent floating blade. Smart floating system, fit your face
Charging and discharging indicator, 3 hour fast charging, power 3W.
The whole body washable design, can be washed directly with tap water, safe and practical.
Packaged included
1x Razor
1x Usb Cable
1x Clean brush
1x Hairclippers
3x Caliper comb
1x Cleanser
1x Nasal hair device
1x Soft brush
Maintain nicely with dring and storing in a dry and cool place.
Please keep away children’s touch.

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