LIUMY 6 Speeds Massage Guns Deep Tissue Massager Rechargeable & Handheld & Low Noise Muscle Massager Portable Muscle Pain Relief Massager + 4 Massage Head

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Muscle Massager Professional Relief Soreness – Muscle massage guns through high-frequency vibration stimulation, reduce adhesions and nodules between muscles and fascia and prevent sports injuries, help Fitness Enthusiast relieve muscle soreness. When you warm up, relax or after exercise, use it help you increase blood circulation, improves the soft tissue health of the body. Reduce the occurrence of muscle strain to a certain extent.
6 Speed Setting and 4 Replacement Heads – 6 speed setting, trigger-point massage therapy for reliefing different muscle problem. With 4 different replacement heads precisely target different body parts and muscle groups. The spherical head is for muscle groups such as arms, lower back; U-shaped head is for neck, spine and Achilles tendon, cylindrical head is for meridians, joints, palms, soles, flat head is for relaxation plasticitys of various muscle parts.
Safe & Low Noise & Rechargeable – With intelligent safety protection, designed for human body safe, automatically power off after 15 minutes of non-use. This handle of the massage guns is also ergonomic, anti-slip, anti-sweat, comfort use. Adopt low noise technology, help you more relax and comfort when using the massager. Equipped high quality rechargeable battery, it can keep working about 3 hours ( low speed ) , it should be take 2 hours at least to be fully charged.
Widely & Daily Application – Muscle ache can disrupt daily life which make you unhappys, this deep muscle massager guns help the user relax and be free of stress by providing a professional massage, take care of each muscle group for you. It is not just for Fitness Enthusiast, the middle-aged and elderly, white-collar workers (after tiring work a day), athletes etc, help you release pressure and give you happier life!
Ease soft tissue ache.
Stimulate muscle growth.
Promote blood circulation.
Enhance the range of motion.
15 Minutes auto off for safety.
6 Speed levels, meet different levels of myofacial massage.
4 Replaceable massage heads for different muscle ache relief.
Package Included
1 x Massage Guns
1 x Spherical Head
1 x U-shaped Head
1 x Oylindrical Head
1 x Flat Head
1 x User Manual

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